About Me

I am Abdul Malek Babul from Bangladesh starts photography since 1980 running on the way of experience more than 40 years. I am proud of my country Bangladesh which we have achieved by sacrificing a ocean of blood through the great liberation war 1971.

Our planet is the store house of nature’s beauty , bounty and biodiversity what I observes from my ramp childhood . After growing up I discovered ; the photography is the most powerful medium – to translate the spirit of emotion and beauty of nature and its creature. I strongly believe that the camera is a rifle in one hand to protest unethical deeds and on the other hand a pencil to sketching the mood and movement of our planet through the magic of light and sensitive image sensor.

My first photography class was starts in photographic training center PTC of Armanitola youth welfare centre Dhaka Bangladesh. During the training on shorthand course there – once I discovered that some senior students of other department experimenting with light and chemicals to form visual images on a piece of blank paper. After few minutes later I saw an image gradually floating on the paper! This surprising illusion hypnotized me in unmindful young mind and I was forever sold to this fascinating idea. I bid farewell to my shorthand course and enrolled myself for a diploma course in Photography in spite the strong objections of my conservative Muslim family specially my Moulovi father .

The successful competition of 1 year diploma course in 1980 I took the membership of Bangladesh photographic society (BPS) the national photographic organization which represents Bangladesh in the international photographic forum FIAP.

After that I have successfully completed more than one advanced photography course and teachers training course. Finally I achieved Fellowship FBPS degree through achieving the Licentiateship LBPS & Associate ship ABPS the highest professional degree in the field of photography Bangladesh.

Then I involved with teaching profession in 1990 and serves as the Principal of Bangladesh photographic institute BPI from 1995 – 2002 . In addition I served in different photographic organizations as a guest speaker , student guide and jury member as the resource person in final project presentation to achieve higher degree . In this regard the architectural department of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology BUET is mentionable.

I have to credit many national and international prizes in different photographic competition including Grand , Gold and First prizes are just few among of the many more that I have received to date. Many of my fine art and pictorial photographs were exhibited in different national and international exhibitions around the world.

Numbers of my creative work has been published through a European based publication authority named New International NI in their educational publications ; recognized as a leading photo artist among the twelve of world in the middle of 2000. USAID Bangladesh and world bank officially published my works in different purpose . in addition my documentary photographs, story , portfolio, albums has been published in different social ,news and electronic media in home and abroad like photographicmercadillo .

As a professional standard Freelance photographer I worked for various leading organizations in Bangladesh like NOVARTIS ,IMAGES advertising and publication , NOVIVO animal health , ,Grameen Phone , External Publicity Wing EP ministry of foreign affairs Bangladesh , DRIK picture library and many more ; to meet up their prestigious demand of photography .

I am also a proud and qualified contributor of world wide renowned photo agencies like Getty Image , iStock.com , 123RF , Alamy , DRIK picture libray , Majorityworld.com , Demotix.com and Wikimedia common etc.

More than one of my solo exhibition on experimental photography titled my land my inspiration in the medium of photomontage ; was held at Alliance Francaise de Dhaka Bangladesh & National Gallery of Bangladesh Photographic Society BPS with an exclusive experimental publication .

I am one of the proud author of a prestigious photography book named the revelation of mystique stmartin island – the only coral island of Bangladesh .

I have served as a successful organizer in the field of photographer and photography development , practice and to expand the academic education in the country through the Bangladesh photographic society BPS by holding the different posts including Vice President and the Principal Bangladesh photographic institute BPI.

I have honoured as the jury member of different national and international photography competition in several times held in Bangladesh.

I have received special recognition as a photographic scholar among the 25 others in Bangladesh and Honorary Fellowship Hon FBPS for the extraordinary contributions in the field of photography Bangladesh .

The continuous journey of myself over the long way of photography and fine art photography by producing photo story , photo essay, reportage ,documentary project and portfolio to making the creation of new reality . Few of my on going projects are like – photomontage , architectural and natural heritage , scarcity & waste , dying rivers , climate change , declining heritages, social and environmental issues etc.

As a whole I am a dedicative and passionate photo artist by blood and heart. I am the store house of stock photography with fascinating theme and subject verities .

My mentors are Alokchitracharjo (Chancellor of photography Bangladesh) M A Beg and my Diploma teacher Ejaj Khan .

Abdul Malek Babul FBPS Hon FBPS